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See what people are saying about Matimals.

“Bath time with the little ones is something that I have to prepare for. I mean, I put on clothes that I am okay with getting soaked in, get the tub filled up with bubbles, have a towel ready to dry baby (hopefully without making a bigger mess), and pray that I can survive the pain of kneeling over the tub on my knees. The thing is, this is a reality that many parents go through, and when it comes down to it, I really do not mind getting drenched in water as little ones play and splash, nor the bubbles getting everywhere.

What I do mind is my knees being sore during bath time and feeling the aftermath of the hard floor linger on, and the slippery mess that can get occur while trying to bundle baby up and dry them after a bath. So when I was introduced to the Matimals.

I was not only excited to find a new product to add to our bath time routines, but also a product that I can have to help save my knees! With the Matimals, I like that I can not only save my knees during bath times, but I can easily set it up safely by sticking it to the side of the tub, then store it after bath time where it can dry by sticking it up. I also like that even when I am soaked, my knees are not getting incredibly sore, allowing me to focus on the fun that my kids have while they splash and play!

Then when my little ones are done, I can put their towels on the Matimals, put the baby down on the towel and dry them off without a huge slippery mess! Making the Matimals a fun, knee saving, must have product to have in any home when it comes to little ones and bath times! And to help when it comes to saving your knees and getting baby dried off without a watery mess. "

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