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If you asked me a few years ago if I would I ever think I’d create a new baby product, start my own business, apply for a patent and search for a manufacturer…………I would just laugh at you. Well believe me there hasn’t been much laughing through this process just a lot of eye-opening experiences.

My first stop was to make sure my idea wasn’t sitting out there on a shelf already or that someone hadn’t beat me to the punch and thought to themselves “there must be an easier and safer way to dry a baby while staying dry in the process”. Luckily the internet was just a click away. I started with a quick search on Google which showed me that there was nothing out there to help parents or in my case “grandparents” easily dry a baby after bath time.

Next stop, the USPTO (The United States Patent and Trademark Office) website which has step by step instructions and “how to” videos on everything from searching for a previously patented idea to applying for and protecting your idea. Like most of us out there, I had never applied for a patent so I found a great company called “Thoughts to Paper” – to help me every step of the way.
Creating a product from an idea that pops into your head may sound easy when you’re watching all those “Shark Tank” episodes late at night but the reality is quite different when you start researching what it takes to make a replica or “prototype” of your product. Ok, the honest truth, I’ve watched every episode and dream about all five Sharks offering me the millions of dollars I’m asking for and only request 3{3272feaa7926da2758ea5380baa6c4053649ab51591dd99246e454fad089c92f} of my business… can always dream.

I never knew I’d learn so much about the different types of foam or the different densities of foam there is out there…………and I’m still learning as we speak. I want just the right amount of cushion for little bodies to sit or lay as we lovingly dry them. I want enough padding for an adult to be comfortable kneeling on it while bathing the child too. The process I thought would be the simplest is still the most challenging. Who knew that getting paint to adhere to a piece of foam would be so difficult. This all goes back to learning about the different kinds of foam and how the open or closed cell foam can absorb paint.

It may sound funny but I look forward to the point where I have a children’s finished product to run through third-party lab testing. Since this is a children’s product it is subject to Federal safety rules and that means the paint must be lead-free as well as the product itself free from any other potentially toxic elements.

I’ll just end my first Blog with some new words I’ve learned in the past year. They may not have anything to do with the actual creation of Matimals but they go hand in hand with my eye-opening experiences. Taking one little idea to solve a problem of drying a baby to a real product to everyone out there who has the same issue……….

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