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The Joy (and flashbacks) of Grandmotherhood.

Hi there, I’m Karin Davis, co-founder of Matimals along with my daughter, Kate. Over the years of raising my children, I discovered how certain situations can be difficult, yet rewarding. When Kate and her husband, Regis had their son, Dominick, I found being a grandma to be an amazing blessing. I love watching him learn, grow, and play.

Bath Time, however, wasn’t something I looked forward to. With Dominick and with my own children, it was always a struggle to hold my wet, wiggling babies while attempting to grab the towel. The bathroom always ended up looking like a show at Seaworld.

I was constantly reminded how difficult the final stage of bath time; drying can be. It was around the time he was six months old when we all got fed up. We were all tired of struggling to get him dry and keep ourselves dry. We started wondering if there was a way to achieve both.

Isn’t there a better way??

To the internet we went! And found…nothing. Or nothing that was all that useful, at least. That’s when we decided to come up with a better way on our own. We wanted a product that wouldn’t make bath time such a hassle. And that would keep us all warm and dry.

Matimals bath mats help other parents and grandparents eliminate the inevitable mess and hassle of bath time. The mats are reducing the number of accidents that occur while trying to wrangle a wet infant and get a towel ready for them.
There are over 43,000 of these accidents per year…

Matimals reduces the chance of an accident in several ways.

They stick right to the tub. With suction cups behind the animal’s ears, any Matimal quickly and easily snaps right onto the tub.
There are also two plastic hooks that hold your towel in place. Matimals makes it easy to have a towel in place before you need it. You’ll never again have to hold your squirming, wet toddler in one hand while trying to prepare a towel. If you’ve ever tried to, you know that this can be an accident waiting to happen.
The landing pad is highly versatile. You can use it to kneel next to the tub. Using it to comfortably play and keep a watchful eye on your child or grandchild. I use it myself for the thirty to forty minutes Dominick is in the tub.
When he’s done getting clean, I can lift him onto it, with the dry towel held in place, and dry him on a padded surface. It’s much easier than trying to hold him against my body or lay him on a hard bathroom counter top. This way he stays comfy and I stay dry.

Ease and Comfort For All

This is all so much easier than other ways of trying to safely keep yourself and the baby dry! Using your favorite Matimal, there’s little time where your little bundle is soaking wet, getting colder and crankier.
We’re all about getting your baby dry while keeping them from fussing and crying. Bath Time should be a very special bonding experience for both you and your baby.

Your child will love our designs. We have four Matimals in our zoo to choose from;

The Lion
The Zebra
The Monkey
and the Giraffe.

They all make drying time fun and help keep little ones safe! And when you’re done drying your little one off with no mess, the Matimal can be hung up in the shower or above the tub. This ensures it’s dry and ready to go for the next bath time adventure!